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McNeese Experience

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Auditions for fall 2017 Freshmen:

Contact: jjacobs@mcneese.edu to set up an individual audition date/time

The band hall is located at: 340 E. Sale Rd. Lake Charles, LA

Color Guard Auditions

Guard Auditions: Saturday, April 29, 2017 - 9am-4pm (Memorial Gym on Campus)

Color Guard Information & FAQs

Audition Procedures/Materials

Please be sure to complete the scholarship/award application form prior to auditioning.  You may complete this form and audition before being officially accepted into the university.  Just complete the information you currently know.

This audition will:

  • Serve as your entrance audition into the music performance or music education degree programs and as your audition for marching band
  • Or, if  you are not majoring in music: serve as your entrance audition for marching band & or symphonic band
  • This audition will also qualify you for: a) a possible music-major scholarship and/or b) band service awards (provided to every member of the marching band, wind symphony, symphonic band, jazz band, and basketball pep band)

Brass & Woodwinds

Generally, many students use their honor band, all-region or all-state audition music, because they already know it well and it covers these requirements for us:

  • A lyrical etude, solo or other piece of music of your choosing. Performing this excerpt should indicate your ability to perform music expressively
  • A technical etude, solo, or other piece of music of your choosing. This should indicate your technical ability
    • The above prepared pieces can be cuts from honor band or all-state audition material, etudes from lesson books, excerpts from solos, or even music from your concert band folder
  • Scales: Be prepared to perform major and chromatic scales throughout the practical range of your instrument
  • Sight Reading

Majoring in something other than music performance or music education?

Good!  We still want you in our bands!  If you are just auditioning for a spot in marching band, the above procedure will work just fine.  If you do not have 2 etudes or a solo, you can bring something from your high school marching band music or concert band music.  Just bring 2 pieces with which you are comfortable.  The scales do not have to be memorized (but it helps!), and we will not ask extremely difficult scales.

Drumline / Percussion Music Majors

Please contact Dr. Lonny Benoit at 337-475-5466 or e-mail: Lbenoit@mcneese.edu

Video Auditions

Record the same as above (except for the sight reading) on a Windows Media Player file, mp4, or Quicktime file. You can also post your audition video to YouTube (as a unlisted video) and email us the link. Please include your name and high school with your recording. Send your audition to: jjacobs@mcneese.edu